Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kelly's Adventures in Embroidery

If you spend as much time at Hobby Lobby as I do, you are aware of the random cardboard stuff aisle.  The other day, I found a cardboard box that is made to look like a book.  So me being me, I thought, oh hey, I will embroider a book cover and cover this thing with it and it will be awesome! 

So, I buy this thing having an idea for the execution, but no idea for the design.  If I was really good I would make up my own book, and it would be really personal and relavent to my life, but I'm not that good and I'm kind of lazy.  After thinking about it for EVER (10 minutes),  I decided to go with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Even though I'm not good enough to make up my own book, I am good enough to illustrate it, and draw the type.  Hooray for private art school education!

So, this:

& this:

became this:

then, this became this:

& this became this:

I'm still not done though. Real life came a callin' and I had to start working my "real" job again.  I'll post more pics when I've got the spine and back of the book done.